The Mortal Sickness of a Mind

We are busy during the day.
We can have the moments to ourselves at night.

Dreaming; praying; having the feelings of nostalgia;
even thinking about how to keep a secret better.

We all have secrets.
Can you keep a secret?

‘The Mortal Sickness of a Mind’ explore people experiences at night; nostalgia; missing; hoping; longing and dreaming. Emotions are more obvious to be happened at night as people are alone with their thoughts; solitary may come along.

Goal of the project:

‘The Mortal Sickness of a Mind’ aims to show viewers’ fear of losing; pain of sorrow; missing something which has already been missed due to nostalgia; passage of time and social status. This series also aims to resonate viewers’ hidden pasts and memories.

‘The Mortal Sickness of a Mind’ is more than a suspense story. It might be dark. Some clues and materials appeared in the series might lead the viewers to a tragic story. Moreover, it shows the viewers the people are longing for each other care. In this small town, people have no contact with others. They stare out of the frame and look for each other. Unfortunately, they do not find any attention from others, they have no eye contact at all, which might awake viewers’ feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Year of Production: